Guided Walk along Buda Castle Hill
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Budapest rivals Vienna as the most beautiful and vivacious city on the river Danube. The old town, Buda, on the west bank of the river dates back to Roman times. If your hotel is in Pest, on the east bank, a morning walk to the river bank reveals a marvelous view of Castle Hill.
A walk along the hill takes you through history and also provides marvelous views of Pest across the river.


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Seen from the opposite bank of the river, on the left the Royal Palace, on the far right Matthias Church and Fisherman's Bastion, seen above the Chain Bridge, Budapest's oldest bridge.
Take a stroll across the bridge to the Siklo, the Funicular. As it ascends the hill we get a great view of Pest and the dome of the Basilica. From the upper station, turn left and walk along the terraces, admiring the views on one hand, the great buildings of the Royal Palace on the other. They now house the National Library and the National Art Museum, visit the latter to appreciate the wealth of Hungarian art over the centuries.
Leave the Palace complex and stroll along the narrow streets of old Buda. Uri utca is typical with many charming, pastel colored old houses. Almost every one bears a shield noting when it was built and notable people who lived in it. Halfway along Uri utca enter the extensive caves and labyrinth that lie under Castle Hill. Sample the wine that spurts from a fountain in one of the grottos!
Finally you come to Hungary's national shrine - Mátyás Templom (Matthias Church.) The intricate Gothic structure with elaborately colored roof, originally built 1n 1269, has been the coronation church of Hungarian kings for centuries. Inside there are many beautiful carved altars and frescoes as well as the crypts of Hungarian royalty.
Behind Matthias Church, the statue of St.Stephan, the first Christian king of Hungary, occupies the focal point of Halászbástya - the Fishermen's Bastion.
After strenuous sightseeing, a relaxing dip in Budapest's most prestigious spa will sooth the aching muscles. The Gellért Spa has all the amenities, including mud baths and massages. The water flows continuously from mineral wells.

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You can walk across the Chain (Lánchid) Bridge and take the Funicular (Siklo) to the Castle.
Bus #16 runs from Deak tér to the Szent György tér (St. George square) at the top of the hill, close to the Palace.
A shuttle bus "VAR" runs to the same square from Moskva tér Metro station on Metro line #2 (the Red line), past Matthias Church and the Hilton Hotel.
To get to the Gellért Spa and Hotel, you can take tram #19 which runs along the river, at the bottom of the hill, from Batthyány tér Metro station (Red line #2). Trams #47 and #49 run from Deak tér, past the National Museum and across the Szabadség Bridge to the Gellért Hotel stop.

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