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     Wiktor (Victor) Biega, was born 1888 in Mrzygłód, a small town just north of Sanok in Galicia, a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire since the partition of Poland in the late 18th century. At this time it is not known which of the several Biegas, living in Mrzygłód at the time, were his parents. He emigrated to the United States and arrived on the steamship "Neckar" in 1909.
Victor first came to Perth Amboy, New Jersey, and stayed with his cousin Walter (Władysław) Biega, also from Mrzygłód (see the 1930 U.S. census pages. ). It was in Perth Amboy that he married Mary Posłuszny in 1910. She was born 1893 in southern Poland and arrived in America in 1906. It was here also that their first child, Mary E. was born.
Soon they moved to Wallingford, central Connecticut. Victor established Biega's Grocery Store and Meat Market and operated it for many years.

     Victor and Mary had 7 children, 5 that survived childhood. All, except for Mary, were born in Wallingford, CT.

  • Mary E., born in 1912, her family eventually took over ownership of the store.
  • Carolyn, born 1914, became a Librarian at the high school and later at college.
  • Joseph Edward was born 1915. He was a prominent businessman and civic leader in Middletown, CT.
  • Stanley, born 1918, became a Dentist in Wallingford.
  • Victor, born 1921, worked for the Federal Government, as an agent of the IRS Division and lived in Wallingford.
Stanley and Victor were both World War II veterans. Stanley served in the Navy. Victor went to Europe with the 30th Infantry Division. He was lightly wounded early in France, then returned to duty. He was more severely wounded near Cologne during the advance into Germany in early 1945.

More about Biega families

Here are some pictures. Then there will be more about my family.
The oldest picture shows the wedding of Victor and Mary, in 1910.
The second picture is of Victor and Mary with their children in 1925.
The third picture shows the children, Left to right, back row Carolyn, Mary; middle Stanley, Joseph Edward; front John (who died shortly after picture was taken), Victor.
 Victor & Mary Victor&Mary family Victor&Mary children
Victor established a succesful grocery and butcher business.
Stanley served in the Navy in WWII.
Victor served in the army in Europe and was wounded twice.
Victor's truck Stan in Navy Vic.Jr -G.I.

This branch of the Biega family established five generations all living in the U.S.A.
Here is some more of the family history.

Carolyn obtained a BA degree from Albany Library School and studied in the Department of Education of Yale University and Library Science at the University of Chicago. From 1946 until her marriage to O'Neill in 1952 she taught at New Haven State Teachers College Library School. She remained active and was president of the Connecticut School Library Association. Upon her death in 1965 the Connecticut Educational Media Association established an annual scholarship in her name.
Joseph E. established Biega's Funeral Home in Middletown, CT, in the 1950s. It is still in the family today.
Stanley received his degree as Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland and then established his practise in his home town.

Joseph, Stanley and Victor all have descendents, primarily living in the central Connecticut area with a few exceptions.

Joseph Edward I retired to Florida with his wife Marion.
They have two sons - Robert and Joseph Edward II.

    . Joseph Edward II received the Distinguished Citizen Award from the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce in 1996:
    Joseph II and his wife Terry (who died Feb. 27, 2007) have four children
  • Joseph III of Higgam, CT.
      Joseph III has three children:
    • Joseph IV, Jill and James, all still in school.
  • Kenneth Biega of Old Lyme, CT
  • Beth Biega-Lastria of Cayman Island
  • Mark Biega

Stanley has three children: Lee, David and Bobbi-Lynn.

Victor is now retired and lives with his wife Lynn in Florida. They have three children: Victor Jr, Susan and Robin.

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