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The most pleasant way to go to Sanok is to rent a car and drive. Or you may hire a car with driver. However it is less costly to take public transportation, here us some information.
Schedules change, so you should check again with the official sources, immediately before your planned trip.


This is a selection of express buses from the internet timetables for the summer of 2009.
For a full listing see the Internetowy Rozkład Jazdy Autobusów only available in Polish.

Cracow (Kraków) to/from Sanok
Cracow dep.Sanok arr.Sanok depCracow arr.
NOTE: In Cracow and Sanok the Bus station is adjacent to the main train station.
Rzeszów to/from Sanok
Rzeszów dep.Sanok arr.Sanok depRzeszów arr.
NOTE: In Rzeszów and Sanok, the bus station is adjacent to the main railway station.

BUSES   between   SANOK and WARSAW

The fastest service is offered by the express buses of Neobus, which provide non-stop service from Warsaw to the Sanok Area in about 6 1/2 hours. All buses stop at the arrival area Okęcie Airport in Warsaw. Weekday departures (summer 2009) from Warsaw West station (Dworzec Zachodni) at
0:30, 9:00, 13:30, 17:00, 20:20; Sundays and holidays: 0:30, 9:00, 15:00, 18:00.
Weekday departures from Sanok train station:
3:10, 6:50, 12:25, 16:30, 23:55. Sundays 6:50, 10:40, 16:30, 23:55.
Call Neobus for reservations at (017)-276 0195. From outside Poland: (48 17) 276 0195.


There is no longer direct train service from Cracow to Sanok. You may take any of several trains to Rzeszów (just over 2 hours), then continue by bus (above) or taxi.

From Warsaw there is a direct train, with couchettes, running from 19 June to 30 August, 2009
Leave Warszawa Centralna at 22:45, arrive Sanok 10:14 ; train D13511.
Return, leave Sanok 17:54, arrive Warszawa Centralny 5:15; train D31510.
These trains stop in Lublin, Rzeszów, Krosno, Jasło.
Check with Polish train information (in English), close to the time of actual travel. Reservations are required on most long distance trains.

HINTS on using the train information pages
Use Polish spelling, for example Krakow, not Cracow.
Type in a date in format, example 22.07.07 (or use the provided calendar).
type in a time in 24 hour format, example: 17:00
You may be asked to select between several stations, "Glowny" is usually the main station.
in Warszawa "Centralna" is the main station.
Select a train(s) from the choices shown, and click on "selection", then on "Details for Selection", to see details of journey, with places where you change trains, if any.
Click on a train number in the "Product" column to see the actual schedule of that train, and below see available accommodations, days of operation, etc.

Drive to Sanok by car

Polish train schedules in English

Polish bus schedules in Polish only.
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