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15th. century city of S.E. Poland revisited in 2009
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Sanok has become transformed since my first visit in 2002. All buildings have been repainted, the Rynek (Market Square) has been newly paved and is now festive with many restaurants and cafes. It is a pity that the rows of beautiful roses have vanished, but otherwise it looks so much better. Compare the pictures below with those of the earlier visit.
Most of these changes have been accomplished within the last five years, mainly as a result of funds provided by the European Union. For additional photographs made in 2004, go to the beautiful web pages of Marek and Ewa Wojciechowski.
(Click on letter S, then select "Sanok 2004"). There you will also see many photos of the huge Ethnographic Park Skansen, to which many old farm homes and ancient wooden churches have been moved.

About the Biega families from Sanok and surrounding country.
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Sanok city web page, in English and Polish
The Rynek is totally renewed. The town hall is now white. The twin towers of the parish church loom over the south west corner
  The east side is dominated by the late 18thC town-hall, which now houses offices of many organizations, At the corner the Franciscan abbey church.
  A restaurant awaits customers on the north side.
  A detail of the 18thC. building on the east side of the Rynek. Note the arms of Sanok

  A new fountain next to the town hall.

  In the 1930s, Sanok was the headquarters of the 2nd Regiment of Podhalanian Fusiliers, commemorated by this mural.
  The city library was built in the late 19th.C.
   15thC, Grzegorz of Sanok was one of the first poets to write in Polish, later archbishop of Lwów (modern Lviv)
  The Greek Catholic church has been renovated.
  The Ramer building at the corner of Kosciuszko and 3rd May streets, is glorious in its new coat of paint.
  Another view of the 19C. Ramer arcades.
  This is the first high school built in 1898. At the present time it is the II Liceum. (the I Liceum is in a new building).
  The early 20thC. Czech writer Jaroslav Hašek wrote a comic series about the "Good soldier Šwejk". One of these stories took place in Sanok. The bronze figure of the good soldier sits in the pedestrian streeet 3rd. May.
  Many Sanok citizens perished in Nazi and Soviet concentration camps. This memorial, near the Rynek, remembers them.
  The lovely river San seen from a lookout near the renovated 15th. century castle. In the castle there is a museum with a large collection of ancient icons from area Greek Catholic and Orthodox churches.

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