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Established in 1431 as Tyrawa Królewska
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   Mrzygłód was founded in 1431 by king Jagiełło, as a town with the name Tyrawa Królewska, which means Royal Tyrawa. Earlier, in the village of Tyrawa. a church was built by prisoners from the Battle of Grunwald , 15 July 1410, in which the combined forces of Polish and Lithuanian knights delivered a decisive defeat to the Teutonic knights.
   The name Mrzygłód is believed to have been used by the original owners of the surrounding lands, the Pilecki family, which also owned property of the same name elsewhere in Poland. For many years the town prospered, from the fairs at which trade was carried out, from the export of salt mined across the river at Tyrawa Solna (the Salt Tyrawa), from the manufacture of pottery.
   In the 18th and 19C., wars, fires and disastrous floods resulted in a substantial decline of Tyrawa Królewska. In 1945, reduced to a poor village, it lost its privileges as a registered town. A planned dam downstream on the river would have totally flooded the village and no further development was allowed until after 1990, when this plan was canceled. See Debna-Mrzyglod page for more information and map.
   Help with pronouncing those difficult Polish names.

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  The church in its present form. After fires in the 17th and 18thC only the lower walls of the original 15thC gothic structure remained.
  The bell gate..
  Fragment of interior showing original 15thC. walls. They were built to support a larger structure.
   Frescoe to the left of altar showing queen Jadwiga and king Jagiełło.

   The altar.

   Detail of the ceiling.
   This is the door that was seen in the interior detail above. Either the church foundations have sunk, or the ground around the church has been built up.
   View of the church from the river bank. It used to be surrounded by huge trees. See same view 10 years ago. .
   The centuries old trees endangered the church, so they were cut down around the year 2000.
   Bridge that replaces the old ferry to Tyrawa Solna.

   There are six stork nests in Mrzygłód.
   Stabisław Biega and the parish priest, Father Piotr Babijczuk.
   The village sołtys (mayor) - Zdzisław Biega, in front of his home.
   Detail of a page from the over 200 year old registry of births in the parish. Note how legible the writing is. Will today's records be as readable in the year 2209?

   The church will be celebrating its 600th anniversary soon. The parish is now so small that external support is badly needed for necessary renovations. In North America please contact webmaster with offers. Elsewhere contact the parish priest

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